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    Middleton School District
    July 29, 2021

    Dear Middleton Parents, Guardians and Students:

    As the beginning of school approaches many have started to ask about how the district plans to open in
    reference to COVID and recent developments in the spread of the virus.

    First and foremost, when you have questions, please reach out to board members and administration as they
    are most likely to have the most accurate data regarding district level planning. Second, as long as is
    necessary, we will plan to post relevant information for parents and students on our website at:

    Currently, Middleton School District does not have plans to require masks or specific COVID vaccinations of
    students or staff.

    As a district, we respect the decision of those who feel they need to wear masks and receive the COVID-19
    vaccine. We would encourage all parents to consult with their family physician to determine if wearing a mask or
    vaccinating your students, or both, would be appropriate.

    As a district, we will be monitoring conditions in our district and working with our local health department to
    determine best plans and practices when it comes to our response to the health needs of our students.
    However, our number one goal is to keep our students in school and we will do all we can to achieve that

    One last note: As a school district we do not operate independently from other organizations. We have many
    coordinated services with other organizations, both public and private, as well as almost daily interactions with
    other schools in our area through extra-curricular activities and other programs. We cannot dictate to these
    organizations what requirements they will put in place for their students and/or employees. This may require
    adaptation of our policies in order for us to continue our participation with these groups.
    As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


    Marc C. Gee
    Middleton School District #134

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