• Homework Philosophy and Policy

    If you want to get better at anything you have to practice. Whether its learning to play an instrument, or a sport, or to sew, or anything you can imagine, to get better you have to practice.
    Homework is an essential part of student growth. It is used to practice skills learned in class and helps develop responsibility and time management. With that being said, homework will look slightly different for students this year.
    1. Students should expect to have homework every week. Homework may not be specifically assigned each night, but students will be expected to manage their time in order to complete weekly assignments and independent practice.
    2. Reading Homework will be weekly. Students are expected to read consistently throughout the school year. To track this,
    students will submit a weekly reading response and will keep a log of books they have competed each quarter.
    3. Spelling Homework will be weekly. Students should expect to have weekly spelling tests. In 5th grade, the majority of word study is completed at home. Students will learn some strategies to use while they study, but no official spelling practice will be sent home each week.
    4. Math Homework Each lesson will have extra practice options for students to take home throughout the week. This extra practice is broken down into three levels: challenge, on target, and review. Students are highly encouraged to practice independently, but are not required to complete a certain number of assignments each week.

    Any practices pages completed outside of class will be evaluated in order to give feedback. However, the actual grade will be evaluated on effort and participation. The actual grade will show up on the students learning of the standard.