• Welcome to Honors Algebra 2,

    We are using an amazing curriculum that is designed to engage all students in learning mathematics through problem solving, reasoning, and communication.  The curriculum provider is CPM and it "envisions a world where mathematics is viewed as intriguing and useful, and is appreciated by all; where powerful mathematical thinking is an essential, universal, and desirable trait; and where people are empowered by mathematical problem-solving and reasoning to solve the world’s problems".  (CPM.org)

    I recommend using comoposition books for note taking, graph paper and loose leaf paper for homework, and a scientific calculator.  It is helpful to use pencil and to have a couple different colored pens or some colored pencil and/or highlighters of different colors. 

    Please utilize the CPM website for this course.  There are fantastic resources available to both parents and studnets at http://cpm.org/cca2.  On the left hand side of the CPM.org/cca2 website you will find etools/videos, homework help, parent guide with extra practice and resource pages.  These are provided as a resource to help both the student succeed and for parents to understand what is going on in the classroom.  Please look at the course discription provided by CPM, found using the link to the right labled "Integraded II/Algebra 2 Course Discription". 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.