MSD Instructional Specialists Team

  • The Middleton School District Instructional Specialist Team encompasses more than 100 years of combined teaching experience. The team is comprised of teachers who possess a wide range of experience, strengths, and skills that will provide a K-12 support structure. The Instructional Specialist team will provide instructional support and professional development to all instructional, administrative, and support staff.

  • Amy Chilcoat Headshot

    Amy Chilcote moved into this role from Middleton Middle School where she taught 8th grade math.  While she will assist in serving the math needs across the district, her experience, drive, and passion provide an additional level of secondary math support needed by the district. Amy has a B.S. in Middle Level Education with a concentration in Math from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

  • Jelena Maxwell

    Jelena Maxwell has pursued her dream as an elementary teacher in the Magic and Treasure valleys of Idaho since 2004.  Seeking opportunities to grow and learn from others, she is a Boise State Writing Project Fellow and an alumni of the Idaho Coaching Network.  She has worked with teachers as thinking partners from around the state and has led professional development sessions around technology integration, student engagement, and curriculum integration.  Jelena is excited to partner with elementary teachers to spark creativity, reignite passion, and create learning environments where students and teachers can thrive.

  • Kelly Cooke

    Kelly Cooke has worked as an Idaho  teacher in the Magic and Treasure valleys since 1996, moving to Middleton in the summer of 2006.  She holds her Master’s Degree in Literacy (K-12) with an emphasis in technology integration. She is an alumni member of the Idaho Coaching Network. Kelly has served the district in several leadership capacities to transform learning through high-quality professional development for teachers and students. Kelly’s background in literacy as well as her strengths-based approach will allow her to support colleagues as a feedback friend. She is a genuine asset to the team.

  • dory reed headshot

    Dory Reed began her teaching career in 2008.  She has taught elementary P.E, 1st, 5th, and 6th grades.  In the last few years, her areas of focus have been on implementing high-impact strategies into her teaching as well as using PBIS strategies to support a culture of learning.  She has engaged in, and led, professional developments on differentiated reading and writing strategies that reach all learners, especially English Language Learners.  Dory is excited to share ideas, collaborate, celebrate and learn from all of the teachers and students in Middleton. 

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    Miranda Lambert  comes to the Middleton School District with previous experience teaching 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th grade. Her primary focuses will be secondary math and science support. Miranda has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Boise State University, where she also received a Masters of Educational Technology along with a graduate certificate in technology integration. More recently, she earned a graduate certificate in mathematics consulting teaching. She has led multiple professional development sessions, developed math curriculum for LearnZillion, and facilitated the state-required math educator course, Teaching Mathematical Thinking (TMT).

  • Sarah Thompson

    Sarah Thompson’s teaching experience began in Middleton in 1993. Sarah epitomizes the growth mindset and thinking partner mantra. She is a Boise State Writing Project Fellow and an alumni of the Idaho Coaching Network (Idaho Core) administered through the Idaho State Department of Education. Sarah has served as a Technology Integration Specialist and led the middle school to implement its 1:1 laptop program in 2017. Sarah’s never-ending desire to grow herself and grow others is the compass that guides her interactions with colleagues and students.