• 3 kids with glasses and it says little peeps

    Vision screening needed? Contact the school nurse

    The Middleton School District has partnered with Little Peeps, an organization launched by Montana-based Mountain Health Gives, to help cover the eye exam and glasses for students in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

    Kindergarten and first-grade students were screened (with parental approval) for vision problems, Community School Director Sharlea Watkins said.

    “We will contact all families of students who failed the eye exam and let them know this program is available in case they are interested. Then, we will get them the voucher and information on how to use the voucher.”

    “This is an ongoing program, and we can help any student in our district. We will work to get more information out to parents this month,” Watkins said.

    Dr. Doug Adams at Family Eye Care in Middleton has agreed to partner with the Middleton School District and the Eagles Lions Club loaned the necessary equipment.

    If you have a Middleton student who needs a vision screening, please contact your student’s school nurse.

    For more information about Little Peeps, visit this site: https://www.mountainhealthgives.org/little-peeps.

    Visit https://www.msd134.org/domain/2094 for more information about the Middleton Community School or contact Watkins at swatkins@msd134.org or call her at (208) 585-3027.