MSD Parent Information Night - Why This Is So Important

  • Middleton schools, law enforcement officials team up to educate parents about internet safety Monday, March 2

    Ask Middleton School Resource Officer Ericca Robbins why the upcoming Parent Night is important, and she makes it very clear.

    "Every predator is hoping your child gets access to the internet -- unfiltered, unmonitored and without an educated adult having conversations with them,” Middle School Resource Officer Ericca Robbins said.

    All parents are welcome to attend the Monday, March 2, Parent Night to learn how to protect your child’s safety - on the internet. Parental monitoring isn’t about your child’s privacy, it’s about their safety, organizers said. The event starts at 6 p.m. at Middleton High School, and wraps up at 8:30 p.m.

    “This night gives you the opportunity to not only educate yourself, but ask questions and gather valuable resources. Education, communication, and guidelines are the best deterrents and protection you can offer your kids and yourself," Robbins said.

    Middleton SRO Officer Greg Langley will join Robbins, along with Mark Dalton from Internet Crimes Against Children, to share information regarding what they see your children doing and what they hear from larger districts. The presentation will be followed by several break-out sessions presented by trained high school students, teachers, and administrators.

    After the initial discussion, parents will choose what sessions to attend and have the opportunity to talk with officials and trained students, who will provide some personal assistance. Those sessions include:

    • Parental Controls: Discover parental control options for different personal devices to help protect your children.
    • How Kids Hide Apps: Learn how kids hide apps on their personal devices. Discover the apps kids use as a disguise.
    • Mainstream Apps and What Parents Need to Know: Identify the top apps currently being used by kids and teens and learn the facts about them.
    • Gaming Online Safety: Discover what games have chat features. Gaming online will focus on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Roblox, Minecraft
    • Dinner Table: Explore options for families to spend quality time together without devices. Walk away with activities for families to enjoy time together with meaningful and productive family conversations.
    • Additional sessions on trafficking and cyberbullying.

     RSVP is not required, but is encouraged. Free babysitting on site will be available.