Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Barb Groom

Barb Groom
Mrs. Groom has been teaching CTE classes for 25 years. Most of my teaching experience has been at the middle school level teaching FCS, but have taught at the high school level as well. My first teaching position was at Lake Hazel Middle School in the West Ada School District as well as Sawtooth Middle School before moving out to Middleton and teaching here. I got my Bachelor's Degree in Education/ Family & Consumer Sciences from Washington State University, where I met my husband. We were married shortly after I graduated college. We have two children who both graduated from Middleton Schools and are currently in their respective Bachelor of Science degree programs. 
Teaching Family & Consumer Sciences is extremely rewarding. Teaching students skills that they can use in their real lives is so important to help them be successful in their own world and in their future. 
In my free time, I enjoy shopping, cooking, camping, and spending time with my family- especially my little grandson. 
Family & Consumer Sciences I: (FCS I)
FCS I is a hands-on, rigorous and relevant class consisting of 2 major units: cooking and sewing. In the cooking portion of the class, students learn the basics of measuring ingredients, reading a recipe and its parts, along with hands-on cooking labs to create recipes and enjoy them. Kitchen and Food Safety are learned throughout the trimester each week with great emphasis. The sewing portion of the class consists of learning how to hand sew and use the sewing machine. Safety is strongly emphasized when using the various pieces of equipment. Needle threading and knot tying is learned first, followed by the sewing machine- with emphasis on the 15 parts and functions. Students get to use their creative side and show off what they have learned through various projects. Students should be able to take what they have learned in class and use it in their everyday world.
Family & Consumer Sciences II: (FCS II)
FCS II is the next class that students can take after successfully completing FCS I. They continue to learn Kitchen and Food Safety throughout the various cooking labs. Students should be able to read a recipe and successfully make it having used their knowledge from FCS I. This carries through to the sewing portion of the class with projects that are more challenging as well.
Family & Consumer Sciences III: (FCS III):
FCS III is the capstone class of the middle school  FCS program. Students coming into this class have a strong knowledge of cooking and baking basics as well as how to successfully create a project on a sewing machine. Cooking labs and sewing projects are largely student led, where they can create and construct recipes and projects they have researched and planned.