From Superintendent Marc Gee

  • Marc Gee HeadshotOur schools are a function of the community, and should be seen as a public service

    Often, in Idaho, the schools are the largest employer in a given area. In Middleton we serve 4,400 students and employ 471 people and that doesn’t include substitutes and other volunteers. And even though we live near much larger school districts (West Ada, Vallivue, Nampa), the district can sometimes come across as more of a corporation than as a public service.

    I would like to say to each of you: We don’t forget that we are a part of you. As we grow, we gain a large number of different perspectives on how communities, organizations, and schools should be run. That can be a challenge. But I know, as your school community, we are up to the task. We grow, learn, and adapt as a part of our Middleton community.

    We are coming up on a number of decisions that must be made as a community, both in and out of the school system. On the school side, none is bigger than the decision to build an elementary school. As a district, over the next several months we are going to be looking to share information with you and ask for your feedback as we look at types of school design, potential school sites, and our future facility plans.

    We encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to give feedback on surveys, at board meetings, in design forums, and just in our day-to-day interactions. We look forward to serving you!

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Construction and Bond Information

  • Why go with a Construction Manager instead of the more traditional Design-Bid-Build approach? 

    The Board of Trustees  chose to use a construction manager as the general contractor (CM/GC) method for a potential new elementary school.  

    For many years, districts followed the design-bid-build method where an architect would design a school and give an estimated cost and the school district would ask its patrons to vote.  If the vote passes, the district would put the project out to bid for general contractors and the lowest priced bid would be accepted.

    In recent years, most school districts in Idaho have turned to the CM/GC method because it allows for two important factors: 

    • First, it allows the construction manager to be a part of the design process, potentially avoiding costly change orders in the future if a design element that was bid for is not feasible. 

    • Second, because the construction manager is a part of the process from the beginning, the liability for change orders lies on the manager’s firm, thus allowing the school district to better manage its tax-payer-funded budget. 

    Subcontractors are still selected on a lowest-bid process, but with the CM/GC all of those decisions are made together with the school board.  This allows the entire process to be more transparent and more fiscally responsible.

    UPDATE: The Board of Trustees held a workshop on February 7 to interview the firms. Listen to Part 1.    Listen to Part 2

    Click here to watch the discussion when the Board of Trustees chose the Architect/Engineer and Construction Firm at the February 12, 2024, meeting.


    Architect/Engineer Firms Who Submitted Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ).
    • LKV Architects - Selected at the 2/12/24 board meeting
    • Design West Architects
    • Slichter/Ugrin Architects
    Construction Firms Who Submitted Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
    • Beniton Construction
    • ESI Construction - Selected at the 2/12/24 board meeting
    • Petra Construction
    • Wright Brothers Construction

How you can get involved

  • QR code for Bond Construction page

    • Keep up on developments, find links and review documents on this web page.

    Share this link: and QR code so others are informed.

    • Trustees will interview architects and construction firms on 10:30 am Feb. 7 at the District Office, watch in person or watch YouTube via this link for MSD Board Meetings
    • Trustees will choose the Architect and Construction Manager at the 6 pm. Feb.12 meeting, District Office, or watch on YouTube, via this link for MSD Board Meetings
    • The yet-to-be named Design Team will meet with the district and construction manager to set initial plans
    • Deploy patron survey to get feedback regarding construction and bonding; information from survey will be shared with the Design team
    • Design Team will host an in-person forum to take input on elementary design
    • Design Team will finalize the recommendation and present it to the school board
    • School Board, Design Team, Construction Manager, will develop a cost estimate
    • School Board will make a decision regarding election date and total dollar request for patron vote