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  • Middleton Vision and Mission Statement

    Mission Statement

    The Middleton School District’s Health and Physical Education Program is dedicated to providing a curriculum where students apply the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently lead a healthy and active lifestyle. 

    Vision Statement

    All students in Middleton School District will receive a progressive K-12 physical education program that will promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

    Our program goals will be accomplished through:

    • Instruction of academic concepts that include fitness, nutrition, goal setting, and components of health
    • Progressive motor skill development that includes team, individual and lifetime activities
    • Improving social, emotional and mental health through active engagement in physical activity
    • Gathering and analyzing data from a common assessment plan to reveal student growth and drive instruction
    • Offering a variety of classes and activities to meet students’ needs
    • Meeting or exceeding state recommendations for teacher to student contact time across all grade levels
    • Equitable class sizes and safe facilities for all schools
    • Physical education credit requiring written curriculum and assessments
    • Ongoing professional development for staff and educational opportunities for community members
    • Continued support by administration, parents, community, state and local governments

    The result of Middleton School District’s Health and Physical Education Program is students who are life-long practitioners of healthy lifestyles.

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    Ms. Lisa Sliger