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3/27/20 - Parent Letter (Click for more information)

March 27, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

We appreciate you as we continue to navigate the circumstances that everyone is currently experiencing. The COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the United States is disrupting life in innumerable ways for all of us. Education is not immune from the confusion and disruption. As we learned Wednesday, Governor Little has now put a Stay-at-Home order in effect for 21-days. This order, alongside the soft-closure from the Idaho State Board of Education through April 20 prohibits gatherings of small groups. This means we will be teaching your children in new and different ways.

What happens when Spring Break ends?

We will be working with our teaching staff this coming week (March 30 – April 3) to develop online instruction for students through Google Classroom and other online platforms. We will also prepare at-home packets for students if requested by parents. Principals will be emailing additional information and a form for this request to take place. This learning will begin on Monday, April 6.

What should parents expect the week of March 30-April 3?

We will continue to update you on how your student(s) will access remote learning once we begin formal instruction on April 6th. You will hear from your child’s principal and teachers this coming week.

Learning Resources

For this upcoming week, March 30 – April 3 we will post resources at Just click on the COVID-19 image. Middleton School District is committed to ensuring educational excellence for every student. During school closures, our hope is that learning will continue. While we are posting these resources for your use, this is not a replacement for classroom instruction, or an expectation of our students this coming week. These activities are NOT REQUIRED nor will they be graded.

Technology Access

If you responded to our survey, indicating that you need a device to borrow or you prefer hard copies of work your child's school will reach out to you directly to gather more information.

WiFi Access

We have received information regarding internet access and how different companies, agencies and providers are working with families to ensure they can begin service or continue service without penalties during this pandemic. This information is included as an attachment to this email.

We Are All in This Together

This continues to be an unprecedented time and we are learning together as we move forward. We truly appreciate each and every one of you and are hoping to see everyone back in our school buildings as soon as possible.

Please watch for additional information on how we will continue educating students beginning the week of April 6th. We will have the above mentioned resources posted by Monday, March 30th should you want to have your child work on different aspects of learning until we begin our distance learning on April 6.

Dr. Reberry